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FAQs – Berwick

Q1. Just inquiring about your charges?
A. We have a fixed service call that includes the whole time we are there. Any parts are on top of the fixed call.
Q2. Do you do repairs on site?
A. Yes, we carry nearly all parts with us.
Q3. My oven is not heating. Can my husband fix it himself?
A. No. The oven elements are all fixed wired and need to be changed by an electrician. In most cases, the oven needs to be pulled out from the cavity.
Q4. How do I pay?
A. We accept EFTPOS/credit card or cash.
Q5. Do I have to wait around all day for someone to turn up?
A. No. We will give you a 2-hour time frame. If this is not possible, we can also call you or someone who will be available when we are on the way.